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Are you an individual, school teacher, small business or big corporation? There are many ways in which you can support our work ar MARES Center!

Corporate Sponsorships 

In the contemporary world, collaboration across different sectors is crucial to achieving significant goals. We believe in the powerful collaboration between NGOs and the private sector through Corporate Sponsorships. While we’ve accomplished much with small grants and donations, envision the impact we could make with your support. Together, we have the potential to drive substantial change.

We are actively seeking businesses that share our social and environmental values to join hands in taking meaningful actions. Healthy coastal ecosystems benefit everyone, and through our Corporate Sponsorship Program, your company can make a positive and lasting impact on the planet, aligning with the growing demand for responsible businesses. If you’re interested in supporting us or have a project to share, send us a message, and we’ll connect with you!


If you’re a small business, school, or individual dedicated to environmental causes, we’re excited to explore collaborative projects with you to fund some of our activities. Check out our current campaigns:

  • TAKATA Experience, a PADI 5 Star IDC Center, has been a vital funding partner for Takata Research Center and now MARES since 2017. Operating under the motto «Diving with purpose,» this dive center and resort actively contribute to financing research team wages, boat outings, diving equipment, research materials, and education resources. TAKATA involves its customers, students, and team in supporting MARES’ projects. When you dive with TAKATA, you directly contribute to MARES’ conservation efforts! Find them here!
  • MARES and Manon are two companies deeply committed to positive change and benevolence toward our challenged planet. As advocates for responsible development, both entities strive to provide enjoyable experiences while minimizing their environmental footprint. Longtime friends, we’ve decided to combine forces in a planet-minded project by creating a coffee that funds ocean conservation activities, specifically targeting mangrove health. David from Escape, Manon’s new favorite roaster, discovered an organic Mexican coffee produced through environmentally and socially responsible agriculture. The beans are roasted by Escape in Montreal, where the coffee is distributed. When you buy «The Mangrove,» $5 is donated to fund our mangrove conservation program. Buy the coffee here


If you're passionate about environmental conservation and eager to make a positive impact on the natural world, your donations can fuel our vital work day after day! Our endeavors on land, underwater, and within the community are funded by the Dive Center and the generous contributions of customers and patrons. While our initiatives are making strides, additional assistance is always welcomed. In particular, your donations play a crucial role in supporting the Mahahual Coral Restoration Project!

Transparency – Where your Support Goes?

At MARES, transparency is crucial, and we believe in being open about where the money goes! Below, you’ll find a breakdown of our most significant expenses, providing you with a clear understanding of how your contributions are making a difference – from supporting wages to funding direct conservation actions. Thank you for making all of this possible!