Our work

MARES Center is dedicated to the fields of marine ecology, sustainable coastal management, and public awareness. Our Research and Conservation activities are divided into a variety of programs and projects, all of which are open to volunteers and interns from universities worldwide. Over the last six years, our programs have covered education, public awareness, environmental and social research involving monitoring and interviews, environmental management, anthropology of tourism, ecosystem conservation, and ecosystem restoration.
Our primary focus are marine-coastal ecosystems and environmental coastal management, with the mindset of finding solutions that are part of an integrated strategy for Mahahual. Guided by principles of social development, we maintain close collaboration with the community, the municipality, schools, and private establishments. We also cooperate with the local government as well as with local and international organizations..
For our on-site customers and students, we offer an extensive array of courses and workshops covering marine ecology, reef biology, social sciences, environmental ethics, reef monitoring, and more. Delivered by professional researchers and developed by our research center staff, these courses adapt to diverse durations, ranging from hour-long workshops to five-week monitoring training sessions. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge and ensuring that everyone has the best learning experience possible. Furthermore, our Research Center interns and biologists regularly present our work and results through on-site presentations every couple of weeks.
Coral reefs, often referred to as the "rainforests of the sea," are invaluable ecosystems that provide habitat for numerous marine species.
The objective of the Mangrove & Dunes Restoration Project is to restore 5 hectares of mangrove forests within a span of 5 years.
At MARES, we believe in the transformative power of education to create a better relationship between individuals, communities, and the environment.
The Mahahual local community and stakeholders are crucial actors in fostering responsible and sustainable development.
The Coral Reef Conservation Program is a comprehensive initiative dedicated to protecting and restoring the reef ecosystem and its rich biodiversity.
The Habitat Cartography Program aims to centralize geospatial data essential for the functioning of our conservation programs.
The Development & Sustainability program aims to foster sustainable development practices that benefit both the environment and the local community of Mahahual.