Education & capacity building program

At MARES, we believe in the transformative power of education to create a better relationship between individuals, communities, and the environment. Our primary goal is to empower the community by equipping them with the knowledge and tools essential for safeguarding the ecosystems that sustain us all. The findings from the Center’s research are not only disseminated to the local community but are also shared with our customers and our broader online audience.

Collaborating with local stakeholders and organizations, MARES coornates a range of outreach initiatives. These include public discussions, conferences, clean-up campaigns, film screenings, family games, artistic projects, and various other engaging activities. We actively engage with local schools, striving to cultivate in children an emotional connection with their environment from an early age. We also educate our dive center clients, who are often interested in reef ecology and marine environmental issues. Additionally, we partner with local businesses, aiding them in developing practical interventions to minimize their environmental impact while enhancing the quality of their services.

We wish to inspire all stakeholders to recognize the critical significance of preserving our shared local environment. Through our ongoing and diverse environmental awareness campaigns, we aim to transform Mahahual into a sustainable community and position it as a globally acclaimed eco-tourism destination in the long run.