Development & sustainability program

Eco-Certification Project

The Eco-Certification Project was initiated to address the environmental crisis occurring in Mahahual and to ensure a prosperous future for the city’s natural heritage by helping local businesses on their journey towards ecological responsibility. Participants wishing to obtain the MARES eco-Mahahual Certification can achieve four levels of recognition, depending on their participation. These businesses implement various actions related to waste management, responsible sourcing, and sustainable use of natural resources. The MARES team provides the necessary tools and support to achieve each establishment’s environmental goals and help them obtain the desired eco-Mahahual certification.

Integrated Management Project

Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) is a management and planning process that can facilitate the reconciliation of different interests and stakeholders. It provides tools (e.g., legislative measures for marine protected areas, capacity building at the local authority level, etc.) that allow the prioritization of different uses of environmental resources. MARES Center is working on establishing action plans for the conservation of coastal ecosystems and defining strategic orientations and objectives to carry out concrete conservation actions and foster closer contact with community stakeholders. The goal is to implement actions for the preservation of Mahahual’s coastal ecosystems, considering the general factors of degradation at the ecosystemic, social, development, and governance levels.

Sustainable Urban Planning Project

The Sustainable Urban Planning Program aims to prevent Mahahual from developing in an aggressive and destructive manner towards coastal ecosystems and the local community. For the sustainable urban development of Mahahual, we have collaborated with urban development professionals to draft urban development proposals that take into account the area’s biological and ecological characteristics. This project seeks to promote Mahahual as a socially and ecologically sustainable destination.

Responsible Tourism Project

Mahahual has the second most important cruise port in Mexico and receives tourists from all over the world. This small coastal town depends on tourism for its development, but currently, growth does not benefit much of the town or the natural environment. We are working towards responsible tourism development and finding ways for the local community to benefit directly from tourism. We are in contact with the port and the cruise ships arriving in Mahahual, as well as with the area’s tourist establishments. Simultaneously, we work with the community to identify sustainable and local goods and services that can be offered to tourists.